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Teacher Training
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Turn your passion into a career

  1. Start a new Pilates career that fits your lifestyle

  1. Receive internationally recognised Pilates Diplomas

•  Learn and qualify from world renowned MK PIlates

  1. One weekend a month for six months for matwork

  1. Be taught effectively with limited numbers to a course

  1. Qualify at Pilates Pointe, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks  

  1. Be confident teaching safely and effectively

  1. Launch your own Pilates business

  1. Further your development and certify in equipment                                

  1. Benefit  from continuing support along the way

Michael King has worked with the Pilates technique for over 34 years. Michael’s training programmes are now taught in over 30 countries worldwide, and have been instrumental in the development of national  and international standards.

Please click below to read his Pilates history.

“Michael King’s love of Pilates has brought him to London to Houston to Los Angeles and back again. Now he traverses the globe to bring top-quality training to teachers around the world.”
Pilates Style Magazine Sept/Oct 2013PP_-_Teacher_Training_files/Powerhouse.pdf

MK Pilates in partnership with Pilates Pointe for Teacher Training in Bucks

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