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Pelvic floor health is a fitness issue. Because we cannot see the benefits of pelvic floor neuromuscular conditioning in the same way that we can see movement pattern improve in running, dancing and lifting it is perhaps why it is ignored to a certain degree. The relationship between pelvic floor neuromuscular conditioning and its related functions – bladder control, bowel control, sexual function and the support of the reproductive organs is vital to a healthy body.

As a society it is important to breakdown the walls of silence surrounding pelvic floor dysfunction. No one is likely to discuss their incontinence, prolapse or pelvic pain in the same way they would discuss their inability to run a marathon, plié or lift extra weight on their squats.  Indeed, many go to great lengths to hide their pelvic floor dysfunction. It is up to us, as Pilates teachers to address this taboo and educate our clients about this wonderful piece of anatomy.

With the use of anatomy models and an in-depth manual you will leave this workshop with a confident understanding of:

•  The anatomy of the pelvis and pelvic floor and its valuable function as a stabiliser.

•  Medical conditions that affect pelvic floor function in men and women.

The use of bony cueing to activate the pelvic floor correctly to create elasticity

    as well as tonicity for the muscles within the pelvis.

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Pelvic Floor

As a Pilates teacher it is important to have a good understanding of pelvic health and to feel confident working with clients who have Pelvic Pain Syndromes and Pelvic Dysfunction. 

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