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Andrea Domin


Fully qualified in:
• Cadillac     • Reformer     • Wunda Chair    • Spine Corrector   • Ladder Barrel   
• Remedial / Rehabilitation    • H20 & Dance Pilates    • Pre/Post Natal    • Pfliates™

With over 21 years in the fitness industry and 18 years of Pilates experience,  Andrea trained as a teacher in matwork and equipment directly under Michael King, (former owner and founder of The Pilates Institute and the Director of the International Pilates Teacher Training School - MK Pilates) at his Soho and Barbican based studios.

Andrea is also an MK PIlates workshop writer & presenter, educator and teacher-trainer.
Her intense remedial training was taught and assessed by the Harley Street Chartered Physiotherapists Sandra Noonan and Amanda Kearney.

Andrea is also a fully qualified Personal Trainer (YMCA) and aerobics teacher (RSA) and was previously a Fitness Manager for a group of London-based Health & Fitness Clubs (Holmes Place Plc). She holds Level 3 status on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and is a member of Fit Pro UK.

Originating from a film, theatre and dance background Andrea is also the Director of Trapdoor Performing Arts. An Acting, Musical Theatre and Dance school specialising in stage and film skills for children. Affiliated to Pinewood Film Studios, LAMDA, ISTD and IDTA.

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