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What is Core Stability?

Core stability is the training of intrinsic muscles to support the spine and is fundamental to the Pilates method and current physical therapy treatment of pain. Research from Queensland (Hodges et al 1997) suggests that the deepest layer of abdominal muscle known as the transversus abdominus along with the pelvic floor, diaphragm (our breathing muscle)  and multifidus work in harmony to support the spin They are therefore commonly known as a stability muscles and as one of their functions is to stabilise us.

Why is Core Stability useful in the treatment of back pain?

Pain has been shown to switch muscles off. Pain encourages sufferers to adopt pain relieving positions where posture is affected, but ultimately, this adds to the problem. Improving postural awareness and intrinsic muscle control can often relieve pain. The Pilates method of movement offers a wide range of traditional and adapted exercises to help improve and relieve pain.

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