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Fix Your Feet

Become stronger from the feet up and restore your foundation to prevent dysfunction.

Most ailments can be linked to the feet. If the natural shape of our feet is compromised, so will be the optimum function of our whole body. 

Often ignored until pain and discomfort starts, our feet are crucial to a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. They are an adaptable and transferable foundation that should not be ignored.

Our one-day workshop for the feet addresses how incorrect postural alignment, previous injury and footwear creates dysfunctional feet and how you can alleviate the symptoms of foot dysfunction with simple exercises and awareness of alignment. Fixing Your Feet will reduce and prevent:

•  Bunions, corns and calluses

•  Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis

•  Collapsed, fallen or high arches

  1. Hammer toe

•  Poor circulation and leg cramps

  1. Hip and knee pain

  2. Lack of balance, trips and falls

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