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Fees and Payment options

One-on-One Appointments

8 Private Lessons  -  £560 (Saving £200 - £70 each)

4 Private Lessons  -  £320  (Saving £60 - £80 each)

1 Private Lesson    -  £95

Appointments are ONLY confirmed on receipt of full payment.

Payment is due on the day of the last lesson of the previous series.

Terms and Conditions

•Cancellation within 2 working days (Thurs for Monday  and Frday for Tuesday or 48 hours during week days) of a One-on-One appointment will be charged in full.

•For the ongoing health of teachers and clients, Pilates Pointe Ltd reserves the right and will refuse to teach a client who is evidently not well. Please do not return to class until fully recovered.

•All paid-in-advance sessions must be taken within one year of initial payment.

•No refunds will be given.

We’re constantly updating our dates with new and exciting workshops, clinics and private sessions.

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