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“Andrea works one-on-one with people to help with specific injuries, can inspire confidence in individuals to succeed with exercise they may have thought was beyond them but most notable is the fact that her wealth of experience in running classes and her easy and approachable manor of teaching motivates the whole group to work hard and enjoy themselves.” Val Jones (Swimming section at Windsor, Ascot, Maidenhead, District Sports Association for the Disabled - WAMSAD)

"I would like to pay particular thanks to Andrea, whose Pilates sessions I started attending on the advice of my physiotherapist. Andrea has taken a personal interest in my rehabilitation, gradually increasing the difficulty of the exercises in line with the rate of my recovery, whilst ensuring that I never overdo things. Although still not 100% fit, I believe Andrea has greatly assisted the speed and success of my recovery. Just as importantly, I always leave Andrea's class with a smile on my face. Her cheerful nature is enough to brighten up anyone's day. Chris Standen (Account Manager, Beaconsfield)

“Andrea is passionate about her subject and her clients. Her attention to detail and thorough knowledge of anatomy makes her a great teacher.” Roxanne Mann (Client 2008-current)

“Andrea is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable person with a great head for business. She is a great motivator and has built two extremely successful businesses from the ground up. Working with/for Andrea has given me an even greater understanding of how to run a prosperous organisation and how to have professional yet friendly relationships with a happy team of staff. I have already learned so much working with her and that is due to Andrea being so passionate about her work and so encouraging to her team of staff and the acknowledgement of their ideas and areas of expertise.” Katrina Bright (Head of Dance at Pilates Pointe Studios & TrapDoor Performing Arts School)

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